Hungry Mummies was started in 2014 as a unique cooking lessons provider.

Penelope – Founder & Cooking Instructor

Penelope is a greedy mum who believes in 5 official meal times in a day and secretly wishes she can regain her metabolic rate of her 18 year old self.  She is also a full-time mum to two beautiful girls. Her older daughter believes in “happily ever afters” and loves avocado, pasta, pizza and sweet treats.  Her younger daughter thinks that life is a stage and she is the lead actress and dancer.  When she is not dancing and belting out songs from musicals, she can be found standing next to the refrigerator begging for cheese and crackers.

Growing up with a mother who was a wonderful cook, Penelope watched her mother in the kitchen everyday, and eventually earned herself the title of the “Official Food Taster” at home. Whenever her mother was out, she would seize the opportunity to take over the kitchen and experiment with recipes.

If not in the kitchen experimenting with food, Penelope can be found pouring over her food magazines and cookbooks for inspiration.  She also enjoys hosting friends and family in her home as they give her the perfect reason to cook up a storm.

As she fears the day where local hawkers throw in the towel and leave us in a world without Hainanese Chicken Rice and Hokkien Prawn Noodles,  Penelope is passionate about preserving family recipes and other local heritage recipes.

After giving up a career in corporate events and marketing to raise a young family, Penelope started a cooking club “Hungry Mummies” to share recipes and good food with other like-minded stay-home mums.  She has since turned this cooking club into a home cooking school.

Penelope is a member of the International Cooking Club of Singapore (ICCS) and a contributor to the Red Dot Melting Pot Cookbook.
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