5 tips to Successful Meal Planning

  1. Be Realistic
    • Be realistic about the actual amount of time you have to cook. Factor in children’s schedules, chores and errands, and your own schedule. Don’t be planning a 5 course feast when you only have 1 hour to cook.
  2. Have a list of dependable family favourites
    • Arm yourself with a list of fail-proof family favourites. When meal planning, you will inevitably hit a roadblock. Fall back on the family’s favourite dish to fill that gap.
  3. Give yourself a break
    • Allocate one day (or two!) a week to give yourself a break from cooking. It shouldn’t feel like a chore.
    • Store-bought is okay.  As much of a purist I am, there are days where I fall back on store-bought pasta sauce or pastes. Learn to read the labels on the jars/packets – so you know what goes into your food.
  4. Choose a format that works for you
    • We all organise information differently. I use Google Sheets and Evernote to meal plan. I have clients who use Pinterest to organise meal plans with their helpers. There are also countless apps out there for this purpose. Choose a way that works best for you so it helps you stick to the process.
  5. Check your fridge before meal plan
    • Before you start your weekly plan, be sure to look into your fridge to see what needs to be thrown out, and what can be used for your next meal.  Cleaning out your fridge should be a standard weekly practice, at the minimum.  My rule for leftovers is – if you haven’t touched it in 2 days, you probably never will. So throw it out. I will have a separate post on dealing with leftovers soon.


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