Circuit Breaker Cooking

It’s been 2 weeks since circuit breaker measures started in Singapore.

I’m sure you’ve all heard and seen the stories of supermarket shelves being swiped clean, and this follows many weeks of panic buying.

My social media feeds have been drowning in food pictures for the last few weeks. Friends and family around the world have taken to cooking and baking, not just to pass the time away, but also to feed family members who seem to be hungry five times a day.

As classes have been suspended until at least the circuit breaker ends, I’ve taken advantage of the time off to develop new recipes.

In the recent months, I’ve been experimenting with more Chinese style dishes – namely ones from Sichuan. Earlier this year, I developed a recipe for Ma La Xiang Guo (Mala Fragrant Pot), requested by a client.  I had already developed a Sichuan Chilli Oil that I used for my popular Sichuan Wontons, so it was fun to find other uses for the chilli oil.

I’m still in the process of fine-tuning my recipes for hand-pulled noodles and developing a few other recipes surrounding it. There’s something about making these home-made version that is special – a texture that pre-packaged ones can’t seem to mimic.

While I’ve missed cooking with clients, I’m so heartened to see that they’ve really risen to the occasion and taken the opportunity to put what they’ve learnt to practice.

Keep cooking and I cannot wait to be back cooking with you all again!

[Photo: Pictures of food cooked by clients during the circuit breaker period]

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