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About a month ago, I attended a Thermomix cooking demo.

If you haven’t heard of Thermomix, its an amazing kitchen machine/appliance that has helped thousands of families around the world save time in preparing meals.  Invented by Vorwerk in Germany, this appliance replaces up to 12 appliances in your kitchen, making this the mother-of-all kitchen appliances.

So, just some background on my history with Thermomix. I first heard of it some years ago in Australia, where it has been doing remarkably well – mainly due to busier lifestyles where both parents work.  The Thermomix was a sure way to get dinner on the table without having to slave away in the kitchen for an hour.  Everyone I met who had one always gave it rave reviews. At that point, I have only heard amazing things about it, but never saw one in action.  It was not yet available in Singapore and so it was all second-hand information.

Fast forward to many years later, I had the chance to see the Thermomix in action. I am part of a large non-profit cooking club here in Singapore, and as part of that, I got to cook with many amazing women from around the world, here in Singapore. A few of them own Thermomixes, and we did many a cooking sessions with it.  While I was convinced that it is a must-have in my kitchen, I knew it would changing the way I cook in a big way.

The first week was interesting and heart-breaking at the same time.  My “first meal” was Char Kuay Teow from the Daily Asian Cooking Chip that came with the Thermomix. I followed the steps with the guidance of my Thermie and was pleasantly surprised with how it turned out.

In the absence of guided recipes, cooking a meal took a lot longer than usual. It was painful, as I am usually pretty efficient in the kitchen.  I had to pause constantly to re-think my steps and processes.

Five weeks and many successful and unsuccessful meals later, I am now better informed about what works and what doesn’t work. I now know how to adjust the way I cook to tap on the strengths of the Thermie.

I’ve also signed up as a Thermomix Advisor, so I look forward to hosting some home-demos as well as creating and sharing some Thermomix recipes.

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