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    Circuit Breaker Cooking

    It’s been 2 weeks since circuit breaker measures started in Singapore. I’m sure you’ve all heard and seen the stories of supermarket shelves being swiped clean, and this follows many weeks of panic buying. My social media feeds have been drowning in food pictures for the last few weeks. Friends and family around the world have taken to cooking and baking, not just to pass the time away, but also to feed family members who seem to be hungry five times a day. As classes have been suspended until at least the circuit breaker ends, I’ve taken advantage of the time off to develop new recipes. In the recent months,…

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    5 tips to Successful Meal Planning

    Be Realistic Be realistic about the actual amount of time you have to cook. Factor in children’s schedules, chores and errands, and your own schedule. Don’t be planning a 5 course feast when you only have 1 hour to cook. Have a list of dependable family favourites Arm yourself with a list of fail-proof family favourites. When meal planning, you will inevitably hit a roadblock. Fall back on the family’s favourite dish to fill that gap. Give yourself a break Allocate one day (or two!) a week to give yourself a break from cooking. It shouldn’t feel like a chore. Store-bought is okay.  As much of a purist I am,…

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