• Our People

    Penelope – Founder & Cooking Instructor

    Hungry Mummies was started in 2014 as a unique cooking lessons provider. Penelope is a greedy mum who believes in 5 official meal times in a day and secretly wishes she can regain her metabolic rate of her 18 year old self.  She is also a full-time mum to two beautiful girls. Her older daughter believes in “happily ever afters” and loves avocado, pasta, pizza and sweet treats.  Her younger daughter thinks that life is a stage and she is the lead actress and dancer.  When she is not dancing and belting out songs from musicals, she can be found standing next to the refrigerator begging for cheese and crackers. Growing up with a…

  • Our People

    Samantha – Cooking Instructor

    Samantha’s interest to cook started when she was in studying in the UK. She was soon bored of the local food and chinese takeaways, She started looking through recipe books and cooking for herself and for her flatmates. Now she has a family with 3 very greedy children. She loves Japanese cooking as with her love for the Japanese language and culture. Besides Japanese cuisine, she enjoys making traditional British and Chinese dishes. To keep up with her children and their growing appetites, she has learnt to simplify her recipes to reduce cooking time.

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