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    Hungry Kids

    Cooking is an essential life skill that teaches children about food, nutrition and helps them develop a healthy relationship with food.  Getting the kids participating in the kitchen is crucial in helping them develop the muscle memory associated with cooking that will last them a lifetime. Hungry Kids is an after-school cooking program that works around extra-curricular activities and family time that dominates the weekend.  This is a private class for kids – which means you get to choose the menu to include things that your child enjoys eating, or even things that you would like them to get into. These lessons best work in your home kitchen, where the…

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    Cooking Lessons for Helpers

    As every family has a different eating habits and preferences, we can guide your helper to cook for your family. For the more confident and seasoned helper, Hungry Mummies can show her new dishes to add to her repertoire.  She can either attend one of our small group cooking classes or we can customise a private cooking class for her. For the inexperienced helper, we can customise a basic cooking course to cover the kitchen basics (including hygiene, food storage, shopping on a budget). Email for more information

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    Private Cooking Classes Small Group Classes Hungry Kids (After-School Cooking Classes) Helper Cooking Classes Baking Classes Cooking Classes for Tourists Private Cooking Demonstrations The philosophy behind what we do At Hungry Mummies, we believe that cooking is a life skill that will allow families to not only eat better, but also make conscious and healthier food choices. While developing recipes, we consider the following very carefully: Are the ingredients readily available? Is the dish affordable for the average family? Is the dish family-friendly? Are the step-to-step guide in our recipe easy to follow? How much of it can we make at home rather than resorting to store-bought ones that contains…

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