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Convenient, flexible and personable!

Our courses are great for domestic helpers. We are more than happy to help guide your helper in kitchen basics (including hygiene, food storage and shopping on a budget). If she is a confident cook but is limited in variety we have a range of dishes or themed menus options. Our convenience of coming to you means that we can work around your helper’s schedule and provide the lessons in a time suitable for her.

If you have a specific menu please let us know.

Being Mums to young children, we understand the importance of providing our kids with delicious, healthy meals which are simple enough to cook at home. Wherever possible we try to make stocks, sauces and marinades from scratch rather than resorting to expensive store bought ones that contain a lot of preservatives, colourings and flavourings.

Running a household with small children can get a little crazy at times so we know that meals need to be prepared and cooked within a short timeframe or when the opportunity arises. We can help take some stress away with our recipes which can be prepared in advance or requires little cooking time. Contact us and we can work out a menu to suit you.

If you think your kitchen is not suitable for our hands on lessons please contact us and we can discuss alternative arrangements.

 Thought Process Behind our Food

When we are not busy in your kitchen, we are hands on in our own test kitchen, where all our recipes are developed. Here, our dishes are tasted, timed, photographed and recorded.

We set ourselves a different theme each week and shortlist a number of dishes for testing. If you peek into our test kitchen, you will see us toiling over fresh pastas, tapas, savoury bakes, soups, sauces, exotic curries, hearty one-pot meals and setting ourselves challenges like creating dinners for 4 under $10!

While developing our recipes, we consider the following very carefully:

  • Are the ingredients readily available?
  • Is the dish affordable for the average family?
  • Is the dish family-friendly?
  • Are the step-to-step guide in our recipe easy to follow?
  • How much of it can we make at home rather than resorting to store-bought ones that contains additives and preservatives?

Our Test Kitchen is a great source of pleasure for the both of us. It is where we bounce off ideas, research, cook, chat about our week and then do what we love best – EAT!!

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