Hungry Kids

Cooking is an essential life skill that teaches children about food, nutrition and helps them develop a healthy relationship with food.  Getting the kids participating in the kitchen is crucial in helping them develop the muscle memory associated with cooking that will last them a lifetime.

Hungry Kids is an after-school cooking program that works around extra-curricular activities and family time that dominates the weekend.  This is a private class for kids – which means you get to choose the menu to include things that your child enjoys eating, or even things that you would like them to get into.

These lessons best work in your home kitchen, where the kids are in a familiar environment. The cost includes a 90 mins full hands-on cooking class that includes recipes and all ingredients required.

How does it work?

  1. Email us with some information on your child/(ren).
    • Ages
    • What they enjoy eating/cooking
    • Any dietary preferences/restrictions? Any food you would like them to incorporate into their diet?
    • After-school availability
  2. We will reply with a proposal/menu.
  3. Once the menu is confirmed, we will schedule a time/frequency that suits for the cooking lessons.


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